Esher Chamber of Commerce meeting on 10 February 2023

Thank you to Lucy Roshier and Killik & Co for hosting the Esher Chamber of Commerce meeting on 10 February 2023.

We would like to highlight the following points from the meeting:

  1. Flagpoles:

Kay Stewart opened the meeting and gave an update on the Flagpoles Project. Our aim is to have Union Jack flags installed across the high street by the King’s Coronation. The poles can later be used for other communal events. Thank you to Doug Perkins who has successfully secured some funding from the Elmbridge Council. We would like to ask local business for additional funding for this project.

  1. Esher and Walton’s Apprentice of the Year 2023

Kay Stewart promoted the Esher and Walton’s Apprentice of the Year 2023 scheme. This is a great way to recruit young talent.

  1. 2030 Vision:

Kim Tagliarni, the Head of Planning and Environmental Health at Elmbridge discussed Elmbridge’s 2030 vision. They aim to send out questionnaires within the local community asking for your input on what you would like to see in Esher. The Elmbridge Council will then implement developments in Esher with our recommendations in mind.

  1. Esher in Bloom:

Roger McCormick gave an update on the Esher in Bloom. We finally have the green light from the council to begin planting in the grey concrete plant pots. Additionally, we would like for local business to step forward and adopt a black planting box and assist in maintaining its upkeep. The Esher in Bloom website is set up and anyone is welcome to donate. The project aims to make the high street more attractive to draw more business and customers into Esher.

  1. Lower Green:

Amanda Manship and Jenny French said a few words on the Lower Green Community Interest Organisation. The Organisation is working hard to help those in need by providing food and resources. They would like to request local businesses or people within the community to volunteer.

The first meeting of 2023 had a fantastic turn out and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.

If you would like to stay informed on the Esher Chamber of Commerce events, please email Kieran Pezzack at

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