Membership at a Glance

Why should you be a member of a resilient business community?

Becoming a member of the Esher Chamber of Commerce is free and allows you to build valuable connections and network with other businesses. It provides your business with credibility, advice and more:


As a member, you can access our community and network with other member businesses. You are able to join networking events, groups and build indispensable relationships with other members.

Discounted Services From Other Members

You can take advantage of discounted services from other member businesses.

Members Directory

You are added to our Member's Directory - you can promote your business, including your social media and website, events, and offers.

Member Support

You can immediately access a membership group aimed at providing business support across all sectors.

Marketing Opportunities

As a member, you'll be the first to receive up-to-date news and and invitations to events hosted by the Esher Chambers and the community.

Representation & Advocacy

The Esher Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. We will do our best to help our members with any problems.

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Joining the Esher Chamber of Commerce will open the door for you to gain necessary business support, advice, and networking opportunities. You will gain more confidence to achieve your business goals.